Patient Satisfaction Survey

Ever wondered what your patients really think about your practice?

Most practices don’t research their patients at all, and most that do, survey patients without a clear idea of why they’re collecting feedback and how they plan to use the responses they collect.

We can help your dental practice gather valuable feedback by designing an easy to use and appealing Patient Satisfaction Survey. We can also help you manage the data that is collected.

The key to developing a good survey is to keep it short, whilst ensuring you ask the right questions. You’ll need to determine what area(s) you wish to cover, such as;

  • Quality of treatment received
  • What makes your patients happy?
  • Appointment booking, procedures and waiting times
  • Staff friendliness
  • Level of communication between patients and Staff
  • The environment and “feel” of the practice
  • Likelihood of recommendation to friends and family
  • Accessibility of facilities

Ways to collect responses

You can integrate your survey with many platforms, including your website, an e-newsletter or even by email.

  • Embed the survey on your website or within a link in a popup window which can be viewed on an IPad at reception (Recommended choice*)
  • Create custom email invitations and track who responds. That way you can send follow up reminders to those who haven’t responded.
  • Post your survey on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Manually enter responses to your survey if patients wish to enter details offline.