Why I need to do SEO for my dental website, and why should I care?

Why I need to do SEO for my dental website, and why should I care?

Do you have a practice website? Have you integrated your website in Google? Is your practice website listed on the first page of Google search results? If you have a website and not able to get first position in Google search, on the time you need  to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Before  7 – 10 years  when a full-page ad in the Yellow Pages was all you needed to attract new patients. The Internet is where people are searching for information now, and Google is the dominant search engine being used.




SEO is a practice that uses a multitude of tactics to keep your website in top search results for specific keywords such as ‘cosmetic dentist in New York city” or “dental implants Houston.” This is what makes it easy for patients searching for dentists to find you. If you have a website, you need to invest in SEO; the two go hand in hand.


An analogy I like to use is to think of your website as a lighthouse, and the people searching for dentists in your area as ships. If the lighthouse doesn’t have a light on, how can you expect the ships to know where to land? SEO is the light in the lighthouse, directing ships to you. You need to make sure you have a good quality light, monitor it to make sure it’s on, and replace it when it goes dim. It needs constant attention.

Google changes its algorithms frequently about what it considers valuable and places high in search results. An example of this is the recent algorithm change Google launched last August called Hummingbird. It’s a formula Google uses to sort through the billions of web pages to determine what it believes to be the most useful to users based on search keywords. Hummingbird was the biggest change to the Google algorithm in the past decade.

This is an example of how constant attention and maintenance pays off. A change in the Google algorithm means that you need to quickly adjust your SEO strategy. Things that were once a key area of focus shifted because the information Google looks for changed. An SEO analyst should be familiar with the requests from Google and have the resources and knowledge to make your website attractive to the Google algorithm. Think of the lighthouse again — if the lighthouse manager knows ships now prefer blue lights instead of red, the manger will change the light blue and continue to attract ships.


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